No-code VR/AR for Industrial transformation

Collaborative User Experience. Direct integration with Engineering tools. Oculus Quest, Hololens, iPad & Android.

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Why Exxar?

Faster Approvals

Eliminate ambiguous feedback from clients by reviewing models in VR. Avoid late stage change requests and complaints by addressing all operational issues before you submit your final drawings.

Reduced Rework

Reviewing models in VR enables teams to provide 11x more feedback than screen-sharing sessions. Identify issues faster & reduce costly surprises later.

Delighted Customers

Engage stakeholders who usually take a back seat in the review process. Users connect directly from VR/AR devices without being locked to complex 3D desktop software or boring screen sharing sessions.

whAT is exxar for?

Design Collaboration

Make decisions with speed and confidence by experiencing your model in a true-to-scale space. Identify & fix ergonomics issues.

Connected Worker

Eliminate delays by eliminating rework.
Improve project efficiency & client satisfaction.

Customer Experiece

Stand out from your competition. Communicate your strengths better & gain trust of clients.


Seamless. Lossless. One click.

The only tool that guarantees lossless geometry & metadata
access during your design reviews.

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Reality. High Performance. Simple.

The only tool that supports all major VR, AR, mobile & desktop platforms. Enable an integrated workflow from design reviews to
customer approvals to onsite monitoring & inspections. 

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Exxar allowed us to validate machine ergonomics & part interference during product design phase. We were able to reduce client acceptance time by over 60% while improving product quality.
Exxar has really helped us bring down unnecessary losses we faced in the product development cycle. It has completely replaced physical prototypes and improved our conversion timelines by a great deal.
We were facing difficulties in conducting construction inspections by looking at 2D drawings. Exxar allowed us to visualize 3D design data on site in AR. This helped our inspectors save time & reduce mistakes during reviews & acceptance.



Reduce your production delays by 85% with instant collaborative design calidation for shipbuilding.

Process Plant

Reduce your project rework costs by 89% with immersive collaboration between owners, designers, and contractors.


Reduce your project cost escalations by 63% with visual product validation and decision making.


Increase your productivity by 49% by reducing gaps in design intent between OEM’s and suppliers


Which hardware platforms are supported by Exxar?

Exxar allows you to conduct immersive design reviews from VR/AR devices, desktop PCs, mobile phones & tablets.
  • Supported VR headsets include the Oculus Quest, HTC Vive & Windows Mixed Reality headsets
  • Supported AR devices include ARcore-compatible Android mobile phones & tablets
  • Are annotations saved for subsequent reviews?

    Yes!!! All user tools including annotations, X-ray, pick & move operations can be saved to the account as a Session.

    Can Exxar run if there is no internet?

    Yes! Exxar now supports offline execution mode. The model can be cached locally and available offline. However, the client needs to authenticate with the server before the above can be done. This authentication is valid for 24 hours. After expiry, you need to revalidate the authentication by connecting to the server. Exxar requires the user to go through 2-levels of authentication to run:

  • Login to & authenticate against his/her account
  • Host or join a valid Huddle meeting (even if with only one user) to enable the 3D content stream & tools
  • Does Exxar support desktop navigation with SpaceMouse?

    Exxar provides basic support for the SpaceMouse. If you need support for this device, we will love to hear from you. Please give us feedback here & we might be able to get you a test installer faster than you think 🙂


    What is the minimum desktop configuration to run Exxar?

    The actual configuration depends on the following factors

  • Size & complexity of 3D models loaded inside Exxar
  • Use of Virtual Reality headsets

  • Exxar runs on Windows PCs with 4 GB main memory & built-in Intel graphics chips. However, for enjoying our high quality graphics with a smoother user experience, we recommend a minimal config of 8 GB memory with a discrete nVidia GPU.

    Your PC / workstation needs to be VR ready for it to be able to run with VR headsets

    Are annotations pushed back into the native CAD file?

    No! Exxar only saves annotations on the server as Sessions. These can be loaded for future reviews. Exxar Stream is a one-way secure content publishing tool. We are careful not to touch or modify your CAD files directly. Stream works as a virtual driver with the CAD application to help you securely publish CAD content directly to If you need support for this feature, we will love to hear from you. Please give us feedback here & we might be able to get you a test installer faster than you think 🙂

    Is Exxar available in my language?

    Exxar’s user interface currently supports English but language localization is definitely on our near term roadmap. If you need support for a particular language, we will love to hear from you. Please give us feedback & we might be able to get you a test installer faster than you think 🙂