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Productivity Challenges In automotive industry

The current workflow followed in the product development cycle plays a major role in the losses sustained by organizations in the pre-production stages. While CAD is the primary platform for design conceptualization, it is not possible to perform standard design reviews on CAD due to the lack of real scale visualization. This has created a high reliance on repeated physical prototyping, leading to huge losses in time and cost. Further, the lack of Manufacturability focus on the designs leads to continuous Engineering Change Requests when the design reaches the manufacturing stage. Furthermore, ergonomics is also a major concern as the current process uses a manual process of validation that is both highly assumptive and grossly inaccurate. 

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exxar automotive usecase

Introduction of virtual prototyping

To counter most of the challenges faced in the traditional process, the concept of Virtual Prototyping to replace physical prototyping was introduced in the pre-production stages of the product development cycle. With this users could now use Virtual Reality for validating product designs on a 1:1 scale, with access to digital mockup tools as well as perform human interactions in VR. This greatly reduced the time to the market interval of the product development effort. However, a challenge remained in the form of the complex process of data conversion, size optimization required to get the 3D CAD data into the Virtual Environment. 

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Exxar CAD converts any desktop 3D CAD into a collaborative extended reality experience in real-time.

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Exxar CAD to VR

With Exxar and its unique ‘no export-no import’ CAD to VR technology, users can instantly transform the native 3D CAD data of the vehicle from the CAD desktop application, into a 1:1 scale, interactive prototype, with just a click of a button. Once the data gets into the virtual environment, the amazing in VR UX allows natural interaction and collaboration in the immersive environment for early validation of various possibilities in the production line.

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Design Review & approval

In the current process designs, prototypes, sketches are created using 3D tools. They are collaborated on and showcased to external stakeholders using print outs, charts, physical mockups. This complicates the design review process. With Exxar CAD to VR users can now have access to

  • 3D CAD design data to VR in 1 click
  • View model in 1:1 scale
  • Improve context with backdrops
  • Review model collaboratively
  • Use digital mockup tools
  • Note design errors, inconsistencies 
  • Give feedback during the review
  • Instant change assessment in VR

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Most companies don’t assess manufacturability. Design and production planning faults like visibility, reachability, tooling spill over to the shop floor where a high incidence of ECR, results in expensive rework. This also delays production and affects product sales due to delayed launches.

  • Virtual shop floor from CAD to VR
  • Familiarise operator at a pre-production
  • Validate visibility to the operator
  • Assess blind spots in the model
  • Assess DFA, DFS without authoring
  • Optimize shop floor layout
  • Give feedback to the design team
  • Finalize changes in pre-production

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Ergonomics validation of postural stress and strain for operators on the shop floor currently relies on subject matter experts who have to manually check and classify the pose of the subject based on his experience. Mostly paper-based forms are used for classifying the posture and suggestion are made.

  • Production layout from CAD to VR
  • Place Virtual human at critical points
  • ‘Possess’ virtual human
  • Perform human tasks, actions
  • Identify postural stress in run time
  • Validate possibility with interpenetration
  • Check tooling viability
  • Optimize production layout 
  • Plan for access aids

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product Showcase

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Showcase currently relies heavily on physical showrooms, which are very expensive to set up and maintain. Multiple vehicles for each variant have to be made available so that all the visitors can be engaged. Even in the best of cases, certain colors and accessories are not available for the showcase.

  • Multi-users + 3D CAD in VR meeting
  • Immerse the audience in 1:1 scale
  • Set context with custom backdrops
  • Collaborate with the designer, prospect
  • Note customer feedback during the showcase
  • Real-time change request in CAD
  • Live showcase of a modified design

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The skills gap is one of the biggest issues affecting the automotive sector. Training currently is in non-engaging classrooms or computer-based training. On the job training, on the other hand, is very expensive, further increasing risks at the job site

  • Production data from CAD to VR
  • Familiarise operator in 1:1 scale
  • Improve design understanding
  • Perform operator tasks in VR
  • Train difficult/ hazardous operations safely
  • Build muscle memory
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FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions)

The major challenge faced by the automotive industry are the continuous production halts that occur due to faulty designs. The initial designs are usually not validated with Manufacturability in mind (no access to tech that could freely enable the same). With Exxar and its advanced assessment tools you can easily ensure that all issues that might come up during manufacturing are identified and rectified in the design stage itself.

Exxar transform CAD models to VR in 1 click in a matter of few seconds.

Exxar has consistently shown that it has a very fast learning curve. With its Intuitive UI, the time to adapt is very minimal based on past deployments. 2 – 3 days training is more than sufficient to pick up

Yes it allows team collaboration, Multiple experts from varied geographic locations can visualise simultaneously on Exxar and collaborate in realtime.

Exxar enables user to collaborate from different geo-location through a cloud based platform. Multiple users can visualise from different locations with separate devices. Users can also access Exxar CAD through mobile and desktop application for immersive visualisation. .

Exxar Human Module for full body interactions is the ergonomic assessment enabler in VR. This allows user to do ergonomic testing in 1:1 scale environment in 2 ways.

 1st User can put multiple no. of mannequin in the VR (at various critical sectors) to validate the human-centric design . 

2nd User has to wear trackers and calibrate them with the mannequin. Through mannequin user can interact with 3D model with actual movement based postures being reflected in real time.