Perform AdvanceD Design Assessments with

Natural Interaction with parts using contextual CAD Metadata, File Hierarchy 

CAD to VR in design

While CAD to VR has added a new dimension to the whole product development cycle, it can be argued that model visualization in a 1:1 scale along with some Digital Mock Up features to enable interaction are simply not enough for performing advanced assessments in design validations. Part manipulations and tool interaction-based analysis help establish design credibility in terms of manufacturability and serviceability. In the current processes, most of the change requests originating from the manufacturing process involve majorly these 2 aspects. Lack of features enabling these advanced assessments defeats the purpose of Virtual Prototyping.

Exxar Build

With Exxar Build and its host of advanced assessment tools, we have helped organizations reduce the need to raise ECR (Engineering Change Requests) by 91% thereby avoiding all the major cost escalations that come with production delays. With its Assembly/Disassembly functionality for part manipulation, assembly sequencing and part interference checks, we can ensure that any, all assembly related issues in the design will be solved in the pre-production stages. The feature also comes with a Snapping option to assemble parts as well. Furthermore, it has access to a tool interaction feature accessed by a library of tools that allow users to do accessibility and reachability checks in VR during the design stages. 

For more details on the product and a demonstration of its features.

Exxar Build
The complete CAD to VR solution

For Part Manipulation in VR

  • Select parts as per CAD hierarchy
  • Pick parts in VR
  • Group parts in VR
  • Move and rotate parts
  • Run time interpenetration highlights
  • Snap object to the original location

For Tool manipulation

  • In VR tooling check
  • Interpenetration between tool with model