Interact collaboratively with huddle 3d meeting tools


The 3D Meeting Client provides the following briefing, feedback & visualization tools:

Pointer functionality allows  the user to enable a 3D arrow as a pointer to indicate a specific part in the 3D content that he wants to point to. The UI allows toggling the pointer on & off. 

X-ray functionalityallows user to select any part in the 3D model and make it translucent. This allows seeing the data & parts behind the translucent part. It is possible to enable/disable X-ray vision on any part simply by selecting it in the environment. The UI allows users to enable/disable X-ray functionality. 

Distance Measurement functionality enables the user to select two points in the model and measure the distance between those two points. 
  • The software selects correct points in 3D as per user selection and provide 3D linear measurement. 
  • The measurement value is displayed properly in 3D along with a line segment. 
  • To increase visibility of the 3D measurement display & line segment in the visual scene, users have the capability to position the measurement display intuitively in the scene. 
  • Annotation functionality provides the users with a way to add & position interactively virtual flags on the model to point out specific issues seen during the meeting. The user is be able to enter the feedback using a virtual keyboard allowing him/her to type in the notes. These notes can be stored and displayed at the 3D position as entered by the user. 

    Pick & move functionality enables users to select any part in the 3D model and move it interactively in the 3D meeting environment. The UI allows users to enable/disable pick & move functionality. This allows the user to perform an interactive assembly and dis-assembly sequence as follows:
  • The user can toggle selection of a part by clicking on it. 
  • On selection, the part becomes movable and the user can interactively move it with the controller or mouse. 
  • On deselection, the part stays where the user has kept it.
  • The original location of the part is displayed as a “semi-transparent ghost” for the selected part. 
  • When a moved part is moved close to the original location, the software allows the user to “release” the part and let the part “snap” back into the original position. The color of the “ghost” turns to green to indicate to the user that the part is within snapping distance. 
  • Session save functionality provides users with a mechanism to save all the actions done by them including annotations, measurements, X-ray tools, move, scale, etc. The application provides a GUI interface to allow scrolling through the list of sessions stored and select & restore a session of his/her choice. 

    The undo/redo enables users to reverse the last action performed by the user. Similarly, redo functionality should be available to allow users to again perform the action that was undo’ed previously. 

    It also work on the stored & restored sessions to allow the user to create an interactive presentation offline, save it as a session & then “walk-through” all the steps in the presentation by redo-ing the sequence of steps.

    Animation functionality is available for 3D Content that contain animations in the published file. The meeting client is able to play the animations just as they have been authored in the original 3D content. UI is available to play, pause & stop the animation.