Collaborate like never before

Conduct effective design reviews with lossless CAD data combined with reality visualization.
Just like meeting in person to review a physical prototype.


Save on travel time & costs through interactive & immersive 3D meetings. Select a 3D meeting environment, import 3D CAD content, invite others, interact & communicate – Just like a physical meeting.

Exxar has a Zoom-style easy-to-use workflow & replicates a physical meeting using following features that are not possible with Video conferencing solutions:

  • Individual viewpoints & Free navigation in the meeting environment
  • Real-time interactions with 3D content using built-in toolsets like X-ray, measurements, pick & move
  • 3D Annotations to provide specific instructions or highlights
  • Saving & loading sessions on the cloud for future meetings
  • Immersive Visualization using AR & VR

Digital transformation

Corporate Travel is expensive, time consuming & now restricted, due to COVID. Manufacturing Industry has been using physical equipment & travel for product design, training, sales & service activities. Exxar enables digital transformation of these processes by replacing a physical meeting with digital data, communications, interactions & environments.

imMERSIVE Collaboration for cad xr (cad TO vr/AR/MR)



Secure sharing of lossless 3D CAD content (Catia v5 in this case). No manual export, import or data translations.


2. CHOOSE Review environment

Physical meetings happen in immersive environments. Why should Virtual 3D Meetings be any different?

Design 4

3. INVITE stakeholders and customers

Login to Huddle, Host a meeting, Select data stream, Invite others, Communicate & Interact in 3D!

Remote Training for Repair & Maintenance



Replace physical models with a Virtual Aggregate. 3D CAD content created using Solidworks Motion Study in this case

Training SOP

2. Create & Publish SOP's

Create training SOPs with drag & drop annotations & assembly/disassembly sequences. Publish training catalogue.

Re Training 2

3. INVITE trainees and train

Login to Huddle, Host a training session, Select training module, Invite trainees, Conduct hands-on interactive training!

Virtual Showroom for a digital CUSTOMER experience



Repurpose marketing 3D assets, created using Solidworks Visualize in this case. Publish sales catalogue


2. Select custom backdrop

Select custom backdrops as per your product & customer requirements



Login to Huddle, Host a demo meeting, Invite prospects, Close the deal with an impressive interactive demo!

With increased pressure for cost reduction, the pandemic has restricted the manufacturing industry in many ways. Now is the time for manufacturers & dealers to take the leap forward and enhance the customer buying experience through digitization.


Exxar Stream, our data ingestion engine, allows publishing existing CAD & Design content directly from your favourite 3D CAD application. Stream enables lossless CAD data integration without the need for manual content creation or data conversion steps. Stream integrates with all major CAD applications from Dassault (Catia, SOLIDWORKS), Autodesk (Navisworks), Siemens (SolidEdge & NX), PTC Creo & Aveva (Review, PDMS, Outfitting & Marine).


Traditional design tools use proprietary data formats requiring multiple manual conversions & optimizations. Stream makes this process as simple as a click of a button!



3 Best Practices for Reducing Rework & Project Delays in Shipbuilding

Digital Transformation is an enabler for improving cost efficiencies in the shipbuilding industry



Digital Inspections in Shipbuilding help save 2 Years & $3 Million

Due to confined & limited space availability, detailed designers face significant challenges in positioning & aligning of the equipment & outfitting elements, all the while ensuring functionality.


Your CAD Collaboration process is broken… Here's how you fix it

Exxar Huddle offers a cloud based meeting solution for CAD Collaboration for manufacturers who are globally distributed.


Virtual 3D Meetings with SOLIDWORKS XR in less than 1 minute

Find out how you can get your SOLIDWORKS data into a 3D Meetings environment in less than a minute without any manual optimization needed!!


FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions)

Huddle allows you to join 3D Meetings from desktop PCs, mobile phones & tablets. You can also immerse yourselves in these meetings using VR/AR devices.
  • Supported VR headsets include the Oculus Quest, HTC Vive & Windows Mixed Reality headsets
  • Supported AR devices include ARcore-compatible Android mobile phones & tablets
The actual configuration depends on the following factors
  • Size & complexity of 3D models loaded inside Exxar
  • Use of Virtual Reality headsets
Huddle runs on Windows PCs with 4 GB main memory & built-in Intel graphics chips. However, for enjoying our high quality graphics with a smoother user experience, we recommend a minimal config of 8 GB memory with a discrete nVidia GPU. Your PC / workstation needs to be VR ready for it to be able to run with VR headsets
Yes!!! All user tools including annotations, X-ray, pick & move operations can be saved to the account as a Session.
No! Huddle only saves annotations on the server as Sessions. These can be loaded for future Huddle meetings. Exxar Stream is a one-way secure content publishing tool. We are careful not to touch or modify your CAD files directly. Stream works as a virtual driver with the CAD application to help you securely publish CAD content directly to If you need support for this feature, we will love to hear from you. Please give us feedback here & we might be able to get you a test installer faster than you think 🙂
Exxar pricing is not available on our web site! Checkout our Pricing page for more information. If you are an Enterprise user and want custom pricing for your specific requirements or if you want to avail special volume discounts, we will love to hear from you. Please contact us & our design consultants will get back to you as early as possible 🙂
No! Huddle requires the user to go through 2-levels of authentication to run:
  • Login to & authenticate against his/her account
  • Host or join a valid Huddle meeting (even if with only one user) to enable the 3D content stream & tools
If you need support for this feature, we will love to hear from you. We do engage with Enterprise clients on custom standalone builds for specific use cases where Internet access is not possible. Please give us feedback & we might be able to get you a test installer faster than you think 🙂
Huddle’s user interface currently supports English but language localization is definitely on our near term roadmap. If you need support for a particular language, we will love to hear from you. Please give us feedback & we might be able to get you a test installer faster than you think 🙂
No! Huddle currently doesn’t support the SpaceMouse. If you need support for this device, we will love to hear from you. Please give us feedback here & we might be able to get you a test installer faster than you think 🙂

Why Real Time CAD Collaboration

Physical meetings are a costly affair, both in terms of travel time and cost. Global businesses spent over $1.33 Trillion last year on travel alone! The need for physical presence of individuals to communicate with each other is clearly expensive, not to mention the challenges in scheduling such meetings and repeating the same visits for follow-ups. But why are physical meetings necessary? For example, in the engineering industry, design reviews are incomplete without real scale visualization of product designs. Despite recent advancements in video conferencing technologies, sharing 3D content and experiencing it on a real world scale is not possible. Enter Real Time CAD Collaboration!!

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79% of organisations still rely on email to share and collaborate with 3D CAD files, risking data security and minimizing productivity!!

Exxar Huddle is an enterprise SAAS based real time CAD collaboration and remote communications platform that helps boost the productivity of your design team.

  • Specifically built for 3D CAD users
  • Multi-site, multi-user collaboration with immersive meetings
  • Visualize native data on 1:1 scale
  • Collaborate using any hardware
  • Digital tools for review and validation

Connect instantly with your remotely working team or with external stakeholders, like suppliers and customers and communicate around your 3D data in 3 simple steps.

Multi User concurrent CAD collaboration with independent interrogation access
Publish your CAD data in real time with a single click


Stream native 3D CAD data directly to the cloud with full encryption. No data translation / export / import required. Just one click of a button is all it takes.

Enter CAD Collaboration workspace and interact with models in real time


Immerse yourself in your 3D workspace and view the CAD data stream from like a prototype using your desktop/ mobile/ VR/ AR device.

Host Remote meetings with users from various locations joining and interacting with the model concurrently


Invite your team to the meeting and interact using natural human interfaces. Review and validate your design with measurements, annotations and a whole lot more.

Customer Use Cases

  • Design Review and Validation
  • Supply Chain Communication
  • Sales and Marketing presentations
  • Training 

Customer Achievements

  • Reduce travel costs by 47% or more
  • Reduce design review timeline by 89%
  • Reduce production downtime by 49%
Perform all needed reviews in the Remote CAD Collaboration space

Learn More About Real Time CAD Collaboration

Challenges in the current CAD Collaboration workflow

Your CAD Collaboration process is broken… Here's how you fix it

Exxar Huddle offers a cloud based meeting solution for CAD Collaboration for manufacturers who are globally distributed.


VR Collaboration with multi user meeting capability

Lack of in VR collaboration tools results in 67% poor design reviews

85% of global engineering organisations blame delays in design reviews as the primary cause for missing project deadlines.