Visualize Product Designs
in real time with CAD to VR

Instant XR, No data conversion, No Import/Export required!!

CAD to VR in Product Development

A real-time CAD to VR transformation platform is necessary to augment all the major losses faced by the product R&D and Manufacturing sectors, where traditional product development techniques are still in use. Although the traditional process involves the design of the product concepts in CAD, it relies heavily on repeated physical prototyping for subsequent design reviews and validations. The process involved may be time-consuming and highly assumptive in nature but is necessary since designs built on CAD need to be validated on a real scale before they can be approved for manufacturing. The drawback as suggested above is the huge losses in time and cost due to the assumptive nature of these reviews when performed on physical prototypes with no access to tools for accurate design reviews (as well as the need to prototype after every validation). This hugely affects the manufacturing process since a majority of the design faults are then only identified during production.

Exxar Stream

Exxar Stream, a CAD to VR transformation platform directly connects to CAD applications in real-time and shows the model in a Virtual Environment in a 1:1 scale. Unlike ‘traditional’ Virtual Prototyping solutions there is no need for any data conversion or optimization. This greatly reduces the time taken in the initial design reviews as users can now load models in real-time, perform design reviews, make change requests and once changes made on CAD can experience the requested changes in real-time as well. This saves a lot of time and cost allowing for highly accurate reviews with the Digital Mock Up features available for performing the design reviews.

For more details on the product and a demonstration of its features.

Exxar Stream
CAD to VR in Real Time

  • All major 3D CAD apps
  • No export/ import
  • Large data handling
  • Metadata stream with ‘connectors’
  • No need for model simplification
  • Enterprise data security
  • The fastest process to the setup review session
  • Instantly assess changes during the review
  • Works with CAD files, databases

Streaming CAD data to VR