How to configure Navisworks for BIM to VR/AR/MR

Download & Install Exxar Stream

Configure Stream Plugin for Navisworks

Load & Publish models from Navisworks

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Download & Install Exxar Stream

Exxar Stream allows you to convert your BIM model to a VR/AR format and publishes to the Exxar Cloud server.

To install Exxar Stream:

  • Login to your Exxar account on
  • From your Exxar account portal, click on the Download button on the top bar (as shown below)
  • Download & install the Exxar_Stream_version.exe file.

Launch Stream for Navisworks

  1. Launch Exxar Stream from Desktop Icon
  2. You can configure Stream to connect to Navisworks
  3. You will also see the following always-on-top menu

Configure Stream Plugin for Navisworks

Click (+) Button on Exxar Stream window
Select Navisworks from the drop down list of “Available Supported Applications”
Click on Add Button to Complete the Configuration
Click on Browse to add the installation path of Navisworks
On success, Navisworks Icon will show up Exxar Stream Window as below

Publish models from Navisworks

Click on Navisworks Icon from Exxar Stream Window, Wait For Navisworks to Launch
Load your model in Navisworks & Login to Exxar Server
Click on Publish icon - Give a model name, tick “Part Names” and “Send metadata” checkbox. Click “Publish” button
Press Shift+F11 key, File option Dialog pops up Uncheck “Area” in culling tab & Click OK
Wait until “Publish model Successfully “message pops up on Stream publish UI

Success? Check Stats

Click on the “i” icon to get stats of the published model
You can also see the published model on your portal

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