85% of global engineering organizations blame delays in design reviews as the primary cause of missing project deadlines.

Behind every successful design review is a team of people including designers, project owners, customers, and stakeholders who come together to strategize, plan, outline, review, test, and update the design. Back in the day, when engineering was centralised at a single location, it was a lot easier to get this team into the same room to review the ideas and designs from a whiteboard or a CAD model.


However, now with design and engineering being spread out across the globe with multiple stakeholders, it is more challenging than ever to ensure timely design reviews. This is a time-consuming and cumbersome process in that people actually travel to a single location resulting in over $1.3 Trillion dollars spent every year on business travel alone. With the use of immersive technologies like Virtual Reality for reviewing 3D CAD designs, the problem is still not solved because most of the tools in the market do not support collaboration, which is an inherent part of any successful design review. When it comes to design review using VR, every stakeholder’s input counts, which makes collaboration tools something you can’t afford to skimp on. Users have commented that the lack of collaboration causes 67% loss in productivity of the review session.

Importance of VR Collaboration

An effective VR collaboration design review session means you’ll never miss an important piece of client feedback ever again and your designs will always hit the mark.

Even while the internet has fundamentally changed the way we live and also the way we work together, very few immersive design review tools offer the power of collaboration through the cloud to increase the effectiveness of a review. This is important to make the process less painful, less time-consuming and more importantly cost-effective.

Exxar, a collaborative, immersive design review software that uses Extended Reality technology along with an awesome user experience for xCAD users by streaming 3D CAD models to your favourite VR/ AR device. More on streaming in this article.

Exxar for VR Collaboration

Exxar offers stakeholders complete flexibility with the review and approval process offering the following unique advantages:

  • Instant streaming of 3D CAD data without any file conversions (more on streaming in this article)
  • A cloud based immersive meeting tool like a Zoom call that makes it easy to invite internal and external reviewers with just a few clicks.
  • Persistence on the cloud that allows users to leave valuable in-context annotations and feedback, putting an end to the ambiguity that’s all too common with creative feedback.
  • Support for just about any type of hardware including AR/VR/MR devices and existing desktop and mobile devices.
  • Host of human centric design validation tools including visual markups, measurements and physics based assessments, that can be used in the immersive environment with natural interaction without much of a learning curve

Stakeholders from different geographical locations can now break the limit of time and distance, communicate with each other and work together completely online with VR Collaboration.

The best part of using Exxar is that it integrates several tools so the possibilities of what you can do with this software are seemingly endless.


The ability to collaborate during a design review using Exxar means less bouncing around with tools to juggle work. Besides colleagues within the organization, collaboration with customers means arriving at a more defined product sooner, without costly back-stepping and unnecessary meetings. By using Exxar you’re creating a more open and transparent process, as well as a more connected and invested team. The result is less time addressing communication gaps, project rework and bottlenecks, and more time celebrating completed projects and planning the next ones. With Exxar in the design review process now and further integrating it into your workflow, you’ll be putting your business in a better position going forward, winning clients, enabling everyone on your team to be more productive, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Tushar Suradkar

Mechanical Engineer with 23 yrs of experience, specializing in Design Automation, CAD Customization, AR/VR Product Development, and Channel Enablement

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