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Reducing time to market for developing designs in Construction and Engineering requires the right tool to both visualise and validate the designs during the pre-commissioning stages. Ensuring timely production requires early validation of various aspects of the new design, minimising the  number of change requests, even before it goes into production. Traditional workflows are complex, time consuming and face difficulty in addressing the following specific challenges.

Exxar AEC Industry Usecase


The biggest challenge faced by AEC manufacturers is the lack of a technology that enables real-scale visualization of the plant designs during the pre-commissioning stages of the project. Currently, a 3D CAD design review based platform called Navisworks is used to validate the final assemblies of all sections that make up model. Although this platform comes with a host of features that should ideally enable efficient design reviews, the challenge here is the lack of 1:1 scale visualization. Other Challenges include: 

  • High reliance on CAD for familiarity, analysis
  • Improper assessment of visibility and blind zones
  • Up to 91% increase in costs due to Engineering Change Orders
  • High incidence of workplace accidents
  • Productivity loss due to poor ergonomics
  • Non-optimal layout resulting in increased time for processes
  • Dependence on trained experts for ergonomics analysis


With the introduction of Virtual Prototyping in the design review process, manufacturers now had access to a tool that could enable 1:1 scale visualization of the various sections ensuring that any ‘clashes’ that came up while assembling the various sections could be mitigated, thereby reducing cost escalations due to project halts. up to the final assemblies formed from all sections. However, a challenge still challenge remained in the complex process of data conversion, size optimization to get the 3D CAD data into the Virtual Reality environment.

However, with Exxar and its unique ‘no export-no import’ CAD to VR technology, users can instantly transform the native 3D CAD data of the power plant models from the CAD desktop application, into a 1:1 scale, interactive prototype, with just a click of a button. Once the data gets into the virtual environment, the amazing in VR UX allows natural interaction and collaboration in the immersive environment for early validation of various possibilities usually identified in the commissioning stages. 

Exxar CAD converts any desktop 3D CAD into a collaborative extended reality experience in real time.

1:1 Visualisation

The latest 3D CAD data appears in 1:1 scale on a Head Mounted Display with 1 click of a button.

DIgital Mockup

The amazing in-VR UX allows using various digital mockup tools during the collaborative review.


Assess real time postural ergonomics for the operator on the plant layout with mocap hardware.


Perform operational training and overall layout understanding with 1:1 visualization.


With the adoption of Virtual Reality into the process, the objective of improving productivity of the project by reducing rework can be achieved due to improvements in the following key result areas.

  • Instant design understanding in 1:1 scale
  • Head view to detect blind spots
  • Early validation of tooling, access
  • Easy to use Digital Human in the mockup
  • Hands-on natural interaction in VR
  • Easy to use with zero learning curve
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Reduction in Design Review Time
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Reduction in Cost with VR Collaboration
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Reduction in Change Requests

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